Create Instant QR Codes on any Device with a Bookmarklet: waferQR

Creating QR codes can improve usability for any mobile experience. Many camera apps and web browsers now include features that read can and interpret QR codes, allowing fast mobile-friendly access to web sites, social media, videos, and podcasts.

waferQR is a bookmarklet that converts any web page URL into a QR code by using Wolfram Alpha. The QR code makes the URL scannable by any compatible camera app.

The input command used for Wolfram Alpha is straightforward. Type “qrcode” in the input box followed by the text that will be converted into a QR code image.

waferQR automatically detects the current web page URL in your web browser and runs the query for you.

The following example converts the Northern Arizona University Library home page into a QR code with the following Wolfram Alpha input command:


Wolfram Alpha is a leading technical computing web platform that provides powerful interpretations of command line inputs for mathematics, science, and much more.

In addition to processing complex computations, Wolfram Alpha also provides an input command that generates a QR code image. The resulting QR code can represent any text information, including web addresses.

A bookmarklet is a special kind of bookmark that contains JavaScript, which adds functionality to specific web pages. Bookmarklets are ideal for cloud-based platforms, where bookmarks sync seamlessly across devices. For example, adding the waferQR bookmarklet to Safari on a desktop will allow the quick QR generator to be available on iPhones, iPads, and other compatible devices.

There are many methods of adding bookmarklets to bookmarks folders. Drag-and-drop is a popular method.

More methods are described on the waferQR project page on GitHub.

No sign-up or sign-in is required to use waferQR. However, this means that all updates must be made by manually re-adding the bookmarklet.

You can sync the waferQR bookmarklet in your Chrome, Firefox, and Safari bookmark folders. More cloud-backed browser platforms are being tested and are expected to be supported by the end of October.

The waferQR bookmarklet was developed by Bitwise Thermodynamics to generate QR codes for instructions support for projects like MathForWork.. The QR code is generated by the Wolfram Alpha platform, which belongs to Wolfram Alpha LLC and Wolfram Research.

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