Back Table

Morpheus and Neo in the Construct: The Matrix (1999).

Every classroom (or virtual classroom) has a supply table in the back with all the resources required for various activities. At MathForWork, we call it the “back table” for simplicity.

The back table is analogous to the “construct” in the sci-fi movie “The Matrix” (1999). It has everything we need.

During MathForWork math practice, the “back table” is available for every activity. The size of the back table is 1000 x 1000 square light years. Why so big? It is large enough to fit anything we may need, from school supplies to helicopters to giant skyscrapers or warehouses.

The back table is also designed to help bridge the “real world” to the “paper world”, where shapes and equations are used to represent abstract ideas. One of MathForWork’s main goals is to minimize abstraction with workplace math education.

The back table is located in the Library.